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More professionals who endorse MAX...

Simon Vroemen

9-time National Champion and European Record Holder, 3,000-Meter Steeple Chase

“This product is simply a very healthy part of my diet. It has a strong antioxidant effect and boosted my immune system. I am convinced that this formula was one of the things that helped me perform better.”

Emily Rosemond

Olympic Speed Skater/Cyclist

“I cannot express how much this product has helped me as an athlete. After tearing an anterior ligament, I recovered in half the time it would have normally taken. I not only qualified for the Olympics, but I was able to achieve a Top 15 Global Ranking.”

Dee Brown

Former NBA Guard and 1991 Slam Dunk Champion

“I used to take a lot of vitamins and other supplements, but now I just drink Morinda's Max. I wish that I had known about it when I was playing because I think it would have been great support for me during my career. It has really made a difference in my life!”

Holly and Mike Semanoff

Bodybuilding and

Fitness Champions

“In a lifestyle like ours, you can’t afford to lose focus on the task at hand. Your recovery time and mental agility must be highly tuned. Morinda's Max formula has dramatically reduced our recovery time from workouts. These products have also given us the physical and mental edge needed to maintain our lifestyle.”

Jessica Jones

Bronze Medalist, Pan-American Games

“For an athlete, recovery is the most important component of your health. Quick recovery is key. I began using this product and after only two weeks, I KNEW that this drink would be in my life for a very long time. My body was recovering faster than I ever thought imaginable. This feeling is absolutely priceless to an athlete.”

Anna Harkowska

Triple Silver Medalist, Pursuit Cycling and Road Racing, 2012 Paralympic Games

“I noticed that it adds that little extra to life that's necessary in my cyclist profession. I drink Max because I’m convinced that it plays an important role in my life and career.”

Dru Adler

World Surfing Champion

“Morinda Max is a product which is a major help to me, and I can reassure you I'll be drinking that magical liquid for a long time to come.”

Lang Ping

Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion, Professional Volleyball Coach

“I usually work twelve hours a day. After drinking this product, I go home and still have energy to read the newspaper and watch TV. This product has helped curb the effects of stress, and that’s important because the stress and pressure of these big tournaments is incredible.”

Takahide Seki

Snowboarding Champion

“For me, the difference with drinking Morinda Max is how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I wake up feeling very refreshed and have energy to go through the whole day. It affects the quality of training, especially during the off season. I give full credit to the product.”

Craig Colyar

Competitive Cyclist

“At 206 miles long, Lotoja is the longest single-day bike race in the United States. At the 2010 event, I finished the race but came in last place in my category. Several weeks prior to the 2011 race I was able to begin taking Max. To my excitement, I finished the race more than 60 minutes faster than the prior year and was in the top 30% of finishers in my race category. The next morning I did not feel the same muscle soreness and stiffness that I had the year before. I felt like I could have gotten back on my bike and ridden the race again.”

Stan Cottrell

Ultra Distance Runner

"There are no limits to what one can do and achieve…when properly fueled and trained." An extraordinary athlete, Stan Cottrell, age 69, has now run over 200,000 miles – that's over eight times around the world. Stan set a Guinness World Record for running across the United States – 3,103 miles in 48 days (an average of 66 miles per day). He says there is no question about the validity and veracity of this product. Stan drinks Morinda Max every day, and says he can't believe the difference he feels in terms of endurance and recovery.

Brooke Niles Hanson

Professional Beach Volleyball

“I have been drinking Max and have been amazed by the results. This product has become an essential part of my regimen due to all of the traveling, early morning training sessions, and long days at the tourna- ments. It has helped me make great strides on the AVP tour, and is one of the most important aspects of my intense training.”



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2 Ways to Enroll

  Sports Product Tester

Self-enrollment. Call one of the telephone numbers below and tell the operator that you would like to enroll as an independent product consultant (IPC). Give the ID number of your contact person/sponsor. Before enrolling, be sure to read the eligibility rules. Click here for some helpful information about enrollment services.

Assisted enrollment. If any of the following apply to you, talk with your contact to get more information: (a) You want someone to help you enroll; (b) you need financial help or want to work with a manager (use this flow chart to help you decide); or (c) you live in a country where telephone signup is not available. In all cases, be sure to read the eligibility rules and information about enrollment services.

Phone enrollment: get your new IPC account:   

1.800.445.2969 / 801.234.1000

What You Get

  The Perks of a Professional

As a member of the Coconut Group, you not only have a cool new profession, you provide a valuable service to help others enjoy quality products and better health. And you'll be rewarded for what you do:

  • Royalty income. Earn up to $500, $1000, or even $5000 a month doing what you love. Yes, you make money as you get fit!

  • Weekly cash bonuses. As your professional network grows, you earn weekly fast-start bonuses for super quick cash flow.

  • Product discounts. As a qualified professional, you can get up to 50% off retail prices on hundreds of popular sports brands. (Details available to registered members only.)

  • Direct deposit. You can have your royalties and bonuses sent directly to your bank account. No waiting for checks in the mail.

  • Product credits for customers. Your customers can earn credits good for discounts and freebies, just for referring others.

  • Autoship convenience. Your product is sent directly to your home or office once a month, without the need to place an order.

  • Profit sharing. Qualify to share in huge monthly and quarterly global bonus pools. This can mean big extra profits.

  • Free Morinda website. Your contacts can place orders and even enroll directly through your custom online store. That's cool.

  • Free business cards. Get your free business cards from Vista Print. Lots of designs to choose from. Just pay for shipping.

  • Free Coconut Group landing page. Great for online promotion. You can direct your contacts to your personal page where they'll find information and can request further details using an online form. Their contact information is sent directly to you.

  • Travel incentives. Qualify for trips to exotic locations around the world. It's all part of your new profession.

  • Global support. Free telephone and email support for you and your customers in over 90 countries around the world.

Start right. Go the distance.

Launch checklist. You're going to love being a sports product tester. It's exciting, healthy, an can be extremely profitable. To help you get started right, I've prepared an short checklist for you to follow:

Click here: Checklist to help you get started right

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